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Title: Randomised Logical Password using 3D Environmental Image


Randomised Logical Password using 3D Environmental Image
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Roshani R. Tayade
Abstract—Random textual password based on 3D environment image objects and actions is a new scheme of authentication. This scheme is based on a virtual three-dimensional environment image’s specified alphanumeric keywords for objects. For authenticity, we present a 3D virtual environment where the user navigates and interacts with various objects, actions. The sequence of actions and interactions toward the objects inside the 3D environment constructs the user’s 3D logical password. The 3D logical password can combine most existing authentication schemes such as textual passwords, graphical passwords into a 3D virtual environment. The design of the 3D virtual environment and the type of objects selected determine the 3D logical password key space. The objects and actions contain in 3D virtual environment specify some random alphanumeric keyword for each at every login. This provides more authenticated technique. The graphical passwords schemes have been proposed. The strength of graphical passwords comes from the fact that users can recall and recognize pictures more than words. So, refer 3D environment image for logical password gives security to their data. Keywords — Logical passwords, Textual passwords, Graphical passwords, 3D Virtual Environment images.