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Title: Prevention and Seriousness Estimation of Automotive Accidents


Prevention and Seriousness Estimation of Automotive Accidents
Author Name:
T.Yazhmozhi, Mrs.K.Abhirami
Latest communication technologies are incorporated into modern vehicles that provides a chance for the salvage of people, who are wounded in the traffic accidents. To develop the overall rescue process, a fast and exact estimation of the severity of the accidents is essential. This is a key point to help emergency services for better estimate the required resources. Our proposed system uses a novel intelligent system, which is able to automatically discover road accidents, alert them through GSM modem, and also has the prevention mechanism to manage the speed of the vehicle in accident situation. If suppose any accident occurs then the SMS alert will be send to the police control room. Accident severity is estimated based on the concept of data mining and knowledge inference. Our system considers the most related variables that includes the vehicle speed, the type of vehicles involved, the impact speed, and the status of the airbag that can characterize the severity of the accidents. As a result, a complete Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) process, with a sufficient selection of applicable features, that permits generating estimation models, which is used to predict the severity of new accidents.