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Title: Microcontroller Based Portable Paramedic Blood Warmer for Transfusion


Microcontroller Based Portable Paramedic Blood Warmer for Transfusion
Author Name:
v. Sowmya, M.K.Dharani, N.Gowri priya
Abstract -Temperature maintenance is the major consideration for the effective and safe handling of the patient. Mistakes regarding to it can lead to life-threatening condition for the patient. The normal body temperature of human is 37.5 °C. The blood from blood bank is stored at lower temperature about 2 °C – 6 °C. It is dangerous to directly infuse cold blood in to the patient. To avoid hypothermic effects in the patient body during transfusion, both the blood bag temperature and patient body temperature is monitored and accordingly heating is provided. The present system involves warming of blood using water bath which takes 15-20min to warm the cold blood. Therefore we introduce microcontroller based portable paramedic blood warmer which aims to decrease the time for warming the blood by providing controlled heating. LM35 precised temperature sensor is used to measure blood bag temperature. It sends the output to microcontroller, inbuilt with ADC(Analog-to- Digital Converter). Hot air drier is used to heat the blood to meet the required temperature difference which is controlled using PIC microcontroller. Thus the temperature is maintained at 37°C .The output is given to LCD display unit which monitors the heat. This is a novel method as it helps to ensure that there are no aftershocks from the patient as the difference in temperatures can be quite deadly to an extent that it can lead to death sometimes.