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Title: Effect of Friction Stir Processing on (2024-T3) Aluminum Alloy


Effect of Friction Stir Processing on (2024-T3) Aluminum Alloy
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Fadhel A. Hashim, Raid K. Salim and Basheer H. Khudair
In this work , friction stir process (FSP) was used to enhance surface properties of AA2024-T3 alloy. The effect of friction stir shoulder rotation in addition to its pressing effect on surface topography and mechanical properties was studied. Samples were FS processed with a flat pinless cylindrical shoulder of 10mm diameter with a constant rotational and travel speeds 945 rpm and 85mm/min respectively. Results show that processed layer thickness of about 45 µm was produced after FSP. Microscopic examinations (OM and SEM) revealed refining grain size of second phase particles as a result of mixing effect of the tool. XRD results show changes in the height and width of the strengthening phase θ(Al2Cu) peak, while EDX results show that Al and Cu created at another energy (KeV) compared with those that are not in phase before FSP. The maximum hardness obtained at the surface was 190Hv compared to 130Hv before processing. A little bit increase was recorded in yield and tensile strengths by an amount of 15% and 9% respectively after FSP.