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Title: A Review on Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet (APPJ) Device for Biomedical Applications


A Review on Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet (APPJ) Device for Biomedical Applications
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Mr. P.K Shah, Prof. (Dr.) S.N Pandya and Mr. C.N Patil
Atmospheric-Pressure Plasmas Jet (APPJ) have attracted great interest and have been widely applied in biomedical applications. As due to their non-thermal and reactive properties, they interact with living tissues, cells and bacteria in broad field of dermatology including blood coagulation, wound healing, cancer treatment, endoscopy and dentistry. This type plasma jet, applied directly on the human body for medical solution. The device is modified dielectric barrier discharge. In this paper, an atmospheric pressure non-thermal plasma jet has been reviewed. APPJ is driven by high-frequency ac power supply where voltage of several thousands of volts and current of several hundreds of milliamperes, which aims at decreasing the gas temperature to meet the application of non-thermal field. The plasma power is estimated from voltage–current waveforms and the input power is kept constant while varying the applied voltage with high frequency to get plasma plume. It is capable of generating a plasma plume that is up to 10 cm long in the surrounding air. Using Noble gases like helium, Argon etc. as the operating gas, the plume can be touched by bare hands without causing harm. There is no risk of arcing with this device. The gas temperature of the plume is close to room temperature. Therefore, this device may be used for applications such as the decontamination of temperature-sensitive materials, surface modification, teeth cleaning, etching, etc.