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Title: Study of Load Balancing in Distributed Computing Environment


Study of Load Balancing in Distributed Computing Environment
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Minal M. Taley, Prof. R. R. Keole
The advancements in micro-electronic technology have resulted in availability of fast, inexpensive processors and the availability of highly cost effective, efficient computer networks are the result of advancement in communication technologies. Based on these the price/performance ratio indicates that the use of multiple interconnected processors is more beneficial compared to a single high speed processor. These interconnected processors can be tightly coupled or loosely coupled constitutes distributed and parallel computing environment. This kind of environment is beneficial in many ways such as information sharing among processors, resource sharing, shorter response time, high throughput, better price/performance ratio, higher reliability and extensibility. The major research issue in distributed systems is development of effective techniques for distributing work load among multiple processors. The main goal is to achieve performance goals along with distribution of work load. Load balancing algorithms enables the jobs to move from one processor to another.