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Title: Security and Confidentiality Issues in Publish/Subscribe Network


Security and Confidentiality Issues in Publish/Subscribe Network
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Gayatri P. Teke, Bhagyashree Patle
Todays world is a distributed i.e. network oriented so, data security is more important. There are many techniques used for network security. Publish/ Subscribe network is based on publisher and subscriber. These are two important entity in publish/ subscribe network. Publisher, who is publish their event. Subscriber, who is shown his interest on particular event and after authentication he uses means subscribe that event. Basically publish / subscribe network is loosely coupled means publisher and subscriber are unknown to each other. So for the smooth working, previously broker is used as mediator in publish/ subscribe network. But it required more security for authentication and confidentiality of event because the broker is not much trustworthy. So in later system, broker is removed and they used identity based encryption. In identity based encryption is based on identity of publisher and identity of subscriber. If an identity is stolen by hacker then our data is also compromised. Next stage Attribute based encryption is used. In attribute based encryption the keys are generated using credentials. Credentials generated using attribute of the publisher and subscriber. Publisher encrypt there event by possible all credential. Only particular subscriber, whose having that credential only those subscriber are subscribe that event. In this paper we study all the above previous techniques and its pros and cons. In our system, we proposed profile-based encryption for overcome the problem of previous system. My paper contribute the following things 1) Generate a key using profile-based key generation 2) Gaussian Distribution model for key distribution 3) Reverse cycle cipher text for encryption and decryption.