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Title: Image Processing Using OFDM


Image Processing Using OFDM
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Shailendra Yadav, A.K.Singh, Anand Vardhan Bhalla
In todays communication world we are having drastic changes in the format related to OFDM system An OFDM system deals with multiple channels over which information are sent at different frequencies to boast up bandwidth efficiency . During communication an extra unwanted noise signals come across with real signal due to any reason In this project we have dealt with these noise called AWGN in which at the receiver side Bit error rate is improved to recover real image that was sent from transmitter to receiver In order to achieve this we have gone through various modulation techniques such as QAM BPSK QPSK etc These techniques were used for audio or video signals in OFDM but in this project it has been done for image processing to recover original image Along with this IFFT and FFT filters are used at the transmitter and at the receiving end of OFDM system