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Title: Upgradation of Plasma Antenna by Using Fluorescent Tubes


Upgradation of Plasma Antenna by Using Fluorescent Tubes
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Raviprakash Shriwas and Sayali Gulhane
Plasma antennas refer to a wide variety of antenna concepts that incorporate some use of an ionized medium. Plasma Antenna is a new captivating concept which could very well be the future of high-speed, high-frequency wireless communications. It is possible to transmit focused radio waves using Plasma antennas that would quickly dissipate using the conventional metal antennas. A plasma antenna is a type of radio antenna currently in development in which plasma is used, replacing the metal elements of a traditional antenna. Plasma antennas can be used for both transmission and reception. The advancement in plasma antenna is with the use of fluorescent tubes. The commercially fluorescent tubes consist of a glass tube filled with mixture mercury vapor and argon gas. The gas inside the fluorescent tube will ionize to plasma after getting sufficient voltage and formed plasma column. The plasma is highly conducting and it acts as a reflector. When all of the surrounding tubes are electrified, the radiation is trapped inside the antenna when the plasma frequency is greater than radio frequency. The developed antenna has potential in military application.