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Title: Database Mining Using Dynamic Query Forms Approach


Database Mining Using Dynamic Query Forms Approach
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Kalyani Matey#1, Archana Nikose#2
Different kinds of databases such as modern scientific database, web database. These are maintain large and heterogeneous data. This kind of database contain sometimes hundreds or thousands types of relations and attributes. Traditional query forms which are already defined are not able to satisfy various types of ad-hoc queries with the help of user on those databases. So that user’s requirements are not fulfil successfully. Thus, a new query form generated which overcome the problems of previously generated query forms and the name to be given as Dynamic Query Forms. Dynamic query forms are the new database query interface which able to generate query forms dynamically. The primary function of dynamic query forms are- 1) Capture the user preferences and rank those query forms components. 2) Assist user to make their decision. The generation of query form is intentionally guided by user and iterative process. The system automatically generates ranking lists of form components and the user then adds the desired form components into the query form. Based on the captured user preference ranking of form components can be done. User can also fill the query form and submit queries to see the query result. A query form could be dynamically refined till the user satisfies with the query results. The expected F-measure for the query form goodness measuring is utilized in this approach. In DQF, for estimating the goodness of a query form, a probabilistic model is developed. The effectiveness and the efficiency of DQF are proved after experimental evaluation and user study.