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Title: Sensorless Control of Induction Motor Drive using Direct Synthesis for Low Speed


Sensorless Control of Induction Motor Drive using Direct Synthesis for Low Speed
Author Name:
murali.p, nagashekara reddy.p
This proposed paper proposes the controlling of Induction motor drives. The induction motor dynamics can be compared to that of a DC motor with fast transient response if the flux producing and torque producing components of the stator current can be controlled independently which means it is possible to control the amplitude and phase angle independently. For high performance, variable speed applications, the Induction Motors are used widely due to its low cost, low maintenance, requirement, robustness and reliability, thus replacing the DC motor drives. For wide range of speed applications and fast torque response, IMs perform satisfactory with the vector control strategy. Because of low maintenance and robustness, induction motors have many applications in industries. Speed control of induction motor is more important to achieve maximum torque and efficiency. Various control techniques such as scalar control, vector control, Sensor-less control are used. These Schemes suffers from parameter sensitivity and limited performance at low speed of operation. To make the system sensorless, we go for rotor speed estimation using direct synthesis of state equation, as the closed loop control requires the speed sensor. By using speed sensor, the IM becomes more costly and less reliable and increased maintenance cost. The different simulation results are observed and studied and the analysis of the different simulated results are presented.