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Title: Big Data in Data Mining Tools


Big Data in Data Mining Tools
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KSindhu aishwarya,SK. Islam Babu, B.Vamshi, S.chandrakanth
The main aim of this paper is to make a study on the notion Big data and its application in data mining tools like R, WEKA, RAPIDMINER, KNIME,MAHOUT and etc. We are awash in a flood of data today. In a broad range of application areas, data is being collected at unmatched scale. Decisions that previously were based on surmise, or on painstakingly constructed models of reality, can now be made based on the data itself. Such Big Data analysis now drives nearly every aspect of our modern society, including mobile services, retail, manufacturing, financial services, life sciences, and physical sciences. The paper mainly focuses different types of data mining tools and its usage in big data in knowledge discovery.