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Title: A Literature review on Image in painting


A Literature review on Image in painting
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Ms Dipa Teraiya , Mrs Bhakti Solanki
The main goal of the In painting algorithm is to modify the damaged region in an image in such a way that the in painted region is undetectable to the ordinary observers who are not familiar with the original image. Image in painting is an art of missing value or a data in an image. The purpose of image in painting is to reconstruct missing regions which is visible for human eyes. Image in painting is the process of reconstructing lost part of images based on the background information. This proposed work presents a brief survey of different image in painting techniques and comparative study of these techniques. In this paper we provide a review of different techniques used for image In painting. We discuss different in painting techniques like image PDE based image in painting, Exemplar based image in painting, Total Variation, and texture synthesis based image in painting.