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Title: Digital Images Zooming using Adaptive Algorithm


Digital Images Zooming using Adaptive Algorithm
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Er. Pooja & Er Sachin Singla
Image zooming is the process of enlarging an image. Traditional image zooming techniques use up-sampling by zero-insertion followed by one-dimensional filtering to interpolate the high resolution (HR) samples. The main drawback of this approach is that the frequency content of the high-resolution image is the same as the Low-Resolution (LR) image. This is due to the fact that linear techniques are incapable of introducing new information into the image. The lack of new high frequency content results in a variety of undesirable image artifacts such as blocking, staircase edges and blurring. This is why, this paper focus on conducting research in the domain of zooming digital images and makes an adaptive method using nearest neighbour & bilinear. This is an adaptive algorithm based on modal value of the neighboring pixels of the interpolating pixel is proposed. It is expected that this algorithm will help minimizing the underestimation or overestimation of some parts of image texture after undergoing the interpolation process. The results have been evaluated in terms of visual appearance, PSNR and MSE. From the results, it is observed that depending on the interpolation ratio selected or set (i.e. depending on the final size desired/targeted), the interpolation algorithms gave different PSNR and MSE as well as visual quality. It is observed that the proposed algorithm gives comparatively higher values of PSNR and lower MSE, and better visual appearance.