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Title: Analysis and Security Implementation in Embedded Systems


Analysis and Security Implementation in Embedded Systems
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E.Pradeep, Ch.sridhar
One of the most important challenges that need to be currently faced in securing resource-constrained embedded systems is optimizing the trade-off between resources used and security requirements. Security is constantly evolving as threats change over time. As a device becomes popular exists in the market longer, it becomes more susceptible to attack. Many devices in the past were not designed to be field programmable or accept updates without significant modifications. Those days are gone. Devices today must be field upgradeable to not only change and improve functionality, but to deal with bugs and security issues. Including security planning in the life cycle management of your device is critical. Moreover, it’s important that your organization deal with security vulnerabilities as they arise with high priority and rapid response times. This paper first surveys the current situation and then proposes a approach where security is considered from the beginning of the Embedded systems development approach. Obviously, prevention is not the complete solution. A 5-level security strategy assures not only that a system has been properly designed in terms of security, but also that the liabilities of its designers are adequately covered. Keywords: Embedded systems, attacks, security issues, security planning.