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Title: Flood Hazard Mapping Using Geospatial techniques


Flood Hazard Mapping Using Geospatial techniques
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ABSTRACT: The ravaging flood disasters need to be emphasized in terms of life loss, infrastructural resources, displacement of people, destructions of socioeconomic activities and washing off thousands of Agricultural farm produce. Flood disaster is becoming serious problem in Nigeria. The affect communities are mostly along the coastal and floodplain areas. For the purpose of mitigating the ravaging effect, the flood hazard map will help for developmental activities especially for policies implementation and better planning activities. The flood hazard mapping can only be achieved by combining the recent hydrological data on the floodplain such as discharge and river gauge, land use/ cover, digital terrain model generated from topographic map of the study area, are use for predicting the future flood havoc. In addition sophisticated and statistical models such as SOBEK model was used to determine the flood frequencies at different discharge period of floods of a certain magnitude. Geospatial techniques are applied for the flood analysis to estimate the extent of flood inundation in different period; remotely sensed image was classified into various land cover types to estimate the roughness coefficient of different land cover during the modelling stage. In addition, a model was utilized to create a composite hazard index map of the flood prone zone in the study area. The model result was displayed and analyzed in ArcGIS domain; flooded area was geometrically overlaid on the topographic map of the study area to delineate the affected land features. The hazard map clearly identifies and shows the spatial distribution of the flooded area located at the low relief zone.