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Title: UBPS:User Based Personalized Search With Big Data


UBPS:User Based Personalized Search With Big Data
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R.Shenbagavalli, S.Ilakkiya
The main aim of this project is to develop a User Based Personalized Search With Big Data, named UBPS, to address scalability and inefficiency problem in BigData with traditional service recommender systems, which fails to meet users personalized requirements and diverse Preferences.In the existing system, service recommender systems, such as hotel reservation systems and restaurant guides, They have not considered users different preferences, without meeting users personalized requirements.In the existing Approaches, solve the scalability problem by dividing dataset. But their method doesnt have favorable scalability and efficiency if the amount of data grows. In the proposed system, which is based on a user-based Collaborative Filtering algorithm.It is a robust method to achieve a personalization.In UBPS, keywords are used to indicate both of users preferences and the quality of candidate services.It improve the scalability and efficiency of recommendation method in “Big Data” environment.