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Title: Quality Aware Reliable Messaging For Wireless Mesh Network


Quality Aware Reliable Messaging For Wireless Mesh Network
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M. Aravind, P.Edreena
Wireless mesh networks (WMNs) have emerged as a versatile and inexpensive network infrastructure, wherever heterogeneous mesh routers are managed by completely different users, they collaborate to increase network coverage. Many routing protocols areprojectedto boost the packet delivery rate andsupport increased metrics that capture the wireless link quality. However, these metrics dont take into consideration that some participants will exhibit stingybehaviour by dropping selected packets sent by different mesh routers so as to place their own traffic and increase their network utilization. This paper proposes a completely unique routing metric to deal withthe matter of stingybehavior (i.e., packet dropping) of mesh routers in an exceedingly WMN. Our answer combines, in an exceedingly cross-layer fashion, routing-layer observations of forwarding behavior withmacintosh layer measurements of wireless link quality to pickthe foremost reliable and superior path. We have integrated the projected metric with a widely known routing protocol for wireless mesh networks, OLSR, and evaluated it using the NS2 machine. The results show that our cross-layer metric accurately captures the trailreliableness, even once a highproportion of network nodes move, thereforesignificantly increasing the performance of WMN.