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Title: Gender Mainstreaming as Tool towards Achieving Woman’s Welfare in Kafa Zone, Southwest Ethiopia


Gender Mainstreaming as Tool towards Achieving Woman’s Welfare in Kafa Zone, Southwest Ethiopia
Author Name:
Aberash Argawu , Professor KK Emnet Negash
General objective: The general objective of this study was to assess in what extent gender mainstreaming of women children and youth affair gender mainstreaming can work for the welfare of the women. Methods and materials: In order to meet these objectives, both primary and secondary data has been collected through the aid of instruments of: questionnaire, interview, checklist and document analyses. And the study employ Purposive sampling with the sample size of fifty The data collected has been analyzed using Statistical Package Scientific Software version 16 for windows has been used for data entry and Simple descriptive statistics (frequency and percentage analysis, and others) has been used to analyze the data. Conclusion and recommendation: the mere presence of policy and strategic documents do not make sense as far as the Issues of gender mainstreaming are concerned .Thus, in order to reach good result on welfare issue of women and to minimize gender gap in general, the need to implement gender mainstreaming practice, rules and strategy is essential with no choice. Therefore, to get those rules and regulation on the ground it is advisable to establish gender mainstreaming committee at cabin level for the sake of influencing gender issue in general and women issue in particular. For paramount follow, training of department heads ,deputy department head and planning expert long and short term training how to work coordinately ,and also How to monitor and Evaluate on scheduled way and then drawing Responsibility and accountability for the accomplishment of gender mainstreaming issue in general and women’s welfare issue in particular. In general, Governments provide adequate human resources as well as material resource supported with capacity building and committed political leadership support to public structures to go with gender mainstreaming perspective