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Title: Information dispersal and Reconstruction in Storage System


Information dispersal and Reconstruction in Storage System
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rajendraprasad B G,Ragini krishna
Earlier the data is stored in single place and that data is replicated to multiple systems for the availability purpose, this utilizes lot of storage space and also increases the computation cost. So rather than storing in single system the data is divided into multiple pieces and these pieces are stored in the different systems with some codewords, If a client desires to read a file, it retrieves subset of the blocks, which are combined to reconstitute the original file. Dispersing files across multiple sites yields a variety of obvious benefits, such as availability and offers physical proximity to distributed clients. Less obviously, it enables security to be achieved without relying on encryption keys. This describes a new dispersal scheme, called AONT-RS, which blends an All-Or-Nothing Transform with Reed-Solomon coding to achieve high security with low computational and storage costs, and also from this it is able to reconstruct the whole data with threshold number of pieces.