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Title: Inverter Performance Analysis using TCAD


Inverter Performance Analysis using TCAD
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Ramesh Nain, Garima Joshi, Charu Madhu
The nanotechnology industry is currently one of the most active and promising fields of technol¬ogy. The advancement in this has given a new shape to the fields of electronics. For amplifying or switching electronic signals a MOSFET is used. If the size of device goes to nano scales some undesirable effects are influenced which cause distortion to the device. A new technology called SOI is introduced to avoid the undesirable effects. Now a day a bulk MOSFET is replaced by FDSOI MOSFET. In this paper two type of devices is designed at 100nm gate length and TCAD tool is used to simulate two type of devices (Bulk & FDSOI) and comparison can be done on the basis of their characteristics. These devices can further used to design resistive load inverter. Performance analysis of this inverter is based on their calculated parameters and comparison can be done using both MOSFETs.