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Title: An Algorithm For Optimizing Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks


An Algorithm For Optimizing Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks
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Shahram Babaie , Ayda Vatankhah
The presence of coverage holes and gaps in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) makes perfect and complete observation and monitoring of the events and incidents of a given environment impossible. In the majority of methods, dynamic sensors are used to improve and optimize the coverage of environment. However, an inevitable drawback and difficulty with using dynamic sensors is that these sensors consume significantly high amounts of energy. Thus, it can be maintained that in order to reduce energy consumption, one should minimize the number of active sensors and the amount of overlapping among sensors. In this paper, a novel method based on the optimized auction algorithm is proposed. After distributing the static sensors, the proposed method will be able to identify coverage holes and gaps; then, based on the extent of coverage gaps and using a minimum number of active nodes, the proposed method will alter the sensing range of the nodes; as a result, the coverage of the respective area will be significantly improved. Furthermore, if needed, an endeavor will be made to use a limited number of dynamic sensor nodes to minimize overlapping. Thus, to reduce overlapping, the suggested location for the dynamic sensor in different settings and the appropriate value for the range of this sensor will be measured. The results of conducted simulations in the Matlab software indicated that using a minimum number of nodes, the proposed algorithm produces an acceptable coverage ratio. Moreover, the energy consumption of the nodes significantly decreases.