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Title: Password Management Strategies to Deal with Social Engineering Attacks


Password Management Strategies to Deal with Social Engineering Attacks
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A .Mallareddy, Dr. R Sridevi, K. Nageswara Rao
Passwords are the most pleasing to all and make up the first line of arguments for person whom law process is against in machine based safety systems; despite the existence of more attack resistant authentication designs. In order to give greater value to password safety, it is necessary to seems a balance between having enough rules to support good safety and not having too many rules that would force users to take not straight forward actions which would, in turn, compromise security. It is noted that the man-like acted for owner is the most full of danger part in the safety system for at least three possible reasons; it is the most feeble link the only cause that uses first moves, only cause that uses first moves, as well as the cause that goes further than all the other elements of the complete system. This pictures the sense, value of social engineering in safety designs, and the fact that safety is in fact a group vent of both technology and man-like acts for owner; directing in mind the fact that there can be no special to some science or trade doing short, dry coughs in space completely without substance. This paper looks at the current divergence among safety engineers as in connection with the rules ruling best practices in the use of passwords should they be written down or learned by heart; changed frequently or keep being fixed? It also attempts to elucidate the facts all round, nearby some of the false beliefs connected with computer safety. This paper posits that destitution of necessary one balance between the factors of technology and factors of all persons as a group is responsible for the purgatory position of password safety related questions. It is thus recommended that, in the putting ones hands on of password safety offspring, man-like factors should be given right of coming first over technology-based causes producing an effect. The paper proposes the use of the (K 9, n)-Threshold scheme, such as the Shamir’s secret-sharing outline, to give greater value to the safety of the password repository. This thinks a tendency in the direction of writing down the password at the end, Diamond platinum, Gold and Silver are not memorised; they are stored.