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Title: Power Management in TDM PON using Fuzzy


Power Management in TDM PON using Fuzzy
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Akanksha Vyas, Vandana Dubey
Passive optical network (PON) is a part of telecommunication network which is characterized by point to multipoint architecture. PON has huge potential to use optical fiber for high speed and data rate, but they are prone to high power consumption. This attracted the attention of many to come up with many different policies, energy efficient strategies, and protocols. Exponential growth in demand of more and more data, voice, and information processing requires something solutions high on bandwidth and less on power consumption. This can be achieved by implementing proper power management with PON which is not available in Time Division Multiplexing (TMD) PON. Power management is done thorough sleep scheduling scheme. In sleep scheduling scheme transceiver of ONU is put off when there is no data transmission. The aim of this paper is to decrease power consumption for delay sensitive and delay insensitive traffic. A fuzzy rule table is constructed with prediction of average inter arrival time of frame on the basis of outcome sleep time and power is evaluated. Proposed method offer effective power efficiency than previous inter arrival time method.