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Title: Review: Optimized Webpage Classification


Review: Optimized Webpage Classification
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Rupali A. Mulay, Prof. Abhishek Singh Chauhan
Now, with the explosive growth of the data stored in various forms, the need for innovative and effective technologies to help find and use the useful information and knowledge from a large variety of data sources is continually increasing. Somehow we could put these all into this way as well like; Web information has become increasingly diverse. In order to utilize the Web information better, people pursue the latest technology, which can effectively organize and use online information. However, semi-structured document differ from tradition text which is neat and clean; Web information contains a lot of noise. Web Mining is the application of data mining techniques to discover classification of web data. It focuses on techniques that could predict the data’s class while the user interacts with the web. The information providers on the web will be interested in techniques that could improve the effectiveness of the web search engine.