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Title: A vigorous approach to image enhancement using fuzzy technique


A vigorous approach to image enhancement using fuzzy technique
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Aunp Riti, Manjunath Gonal, Karibasappa K.G, Vijaykumar Bhajantri
In this paper, we propose a vigorous approach to image enhancement based on fuzzy logic that addresses the seemingly conflicting goals of image enhancement: (i) removing impulse noise, (ii) smoothing out no impulse noise, and (iii) enhancing (or preserving) edges and certain other salient structures. Image enhancement is used to improve the image quality so that the resultant image is better than the original image for a specific application or set of objectives. The method is particularly suitable for implementation in low power mobile devices with imaging capabilities such as camera phones, as well as Digital Still Cameras (DSC) and TVs. In this paper, we propose a method for noise level estimation and noise reduction. In estimation, we address the problem of estimating Gaussian noise, salt and pepper noise, Poisson noise in digital images, and in reduction we use the concept of robust order statistics, median and MAD along with fuzzy logic to reduce and eliminate noises and defective pixels in a raw digital image. We use robust order statistics in accurately estimating the distribution variance even if the image is corrupted with 50% of the noise, and we use median and mad to construct fuzzy membership function which is major participation in noise reduction and preservation images with noise.