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Title: Problems of Rural Market in India – An Overview


Problems of Rural Market in India – An Overview
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S.Sivasankaran1 and R.Sivanesan2
This paper is attempted to analyze the role of Tea Board in the Development of Tea Cultivation in Tamilnadu. Tea is one of the important beverages in this world. India and China are the major tea producing countries of the world. India and China are also the major tea exporters in this world. Tea industry is playing very important role in tea producing countries because it gives major income for the country. Tea is one of the oldest industries in India and today it enjoys the status of one of the best organized industries in the country. Tea Board was established in 1949 through different Acts. In the year 1903, the Government of India, at the request of the tea interests, imposed a levy on tea exported from India for propoganda purposes in India and abroad under the Indian Tea Cess Act, 1903. Under this Act, a Tea Cess Committee was constituted to administer the funds collected from the above levy. The committee was composed of representatives of the Tea Industry including Chambers of Commerce. In 1937, the name of Tea Cess Committee was changed to the Indian Tea Market Expansion Board.In view of the importance of the tea industry to the national economy, the Governmental of India, after independence enacted the Central Tea Board Act 1949 and setup a body under Central Government Control, for the development of the tea industry. The important objectives of the present study are to study the assistance provided by Tea Board, to analysis of Profile of the Sample Tea Cultivators, to analysis of Cost of production, Sales and Profit, to analysis of Problems faced by the Tea Cultivators, to analysis of Role of Tea Board in Tea Cultivation, to analysis of Level of Satisfaction about Assistance provide by Tea Board.