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Title: An Effective Approach to Software Code Cloning Detection by Identifying Process Block


An Effective Approach to Software Code Cloning Detection by Identifying Process Block
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Ritesh V. Patil, DR.V.Khanna, Sachin V. Shinde, S. D. Joshi
Code replication by means of copy and paste is becoming a recurrent pattern of behavior among software developers. Industries are also facing problem of code replication among various versions and thus a need of software to detect similar code. Since Code is developed on distributed system an effective way is needed to detect such redundancy. The challenge here is variety of syntax, compiler specific coding, and number of ways the same code can be written and change of variables adding comments inserting whitespace change the nature of comparison than normal text document comparison. This kind of challenges needs lots of statistical analysis. Clone evolution may be utilized to detect out the pattern, and some intelligent features that can be used to develop a training set where machine based on Context-free Grammar, Code Complexity analyzer, Code tagger can be generated. Such intelligent systems can be utilized by industries and their developer saving time of recoding of existing code rather than inheriting or extending the existing one, to adding new features as required by the application they wish to develop. As per our literature survey researchers are finding difficult to evolve code replication, even on regressive benchmarking the manual and existing software are limiting to accurate code clone detection. As code are developed by developer each may think in different way of implementation the same thing, to achieve space efficiency, execution time efficiency, cross platform development, execution environment, and device specific coding etc. Our implementation specify an effective approach in code clone detection which is a hybrid model that can cover maximum coding behavior and classes of clones with optimum value to fetch results, faster and reducing the number of comparison overhead. In this paper we also specify the key techniques that can save time and effort of comparing the code line by line between two files. which was followed in tradition algorithm. A review map of scholarly research articles reveals a concluding mark that no single scheme defines procedure for all types of clones detection thus a research corner remains unaddressed which has been taken up as problem statement in our research work. In this paper we proposed a hybrid model to resolve the problem in effective way with an objective to gain accuracy and improving retrieval performance of the system.