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Title: Advanced Technology for Raisin Manufacturing


Advanced Technology for Raisin Manufacturing
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Parag P. Kumbhar
Solar crop drying has been demonstrated to be cost effective and could be an effective alternative to traditional and mechanical drying systems, especially in locations with good sunshine during the harvest season. Experiments conducted in many countries have clearly shown that solar dryers can be effectively used for drying agricultural crops. It is a question of adopting it and designing the right type of solar dryer. Drying the grape, either by open sun drying, shade drying or mechanical drying, produces raisins. In the traditional (open sun) drying method, the grape bunches are spread over either the ground or on a platform in a thin layer directly exposed to the sun. This method is cheapest & the drying time is nearly 15-20 days. But there is a risk of deterioration due to dust and insect infection. The direct exposure to intense sun radiation will also result in colour deterioration. Hence to eliminate all this drawbacks it is an attempt to design and develop the dryer which mainly depends on natural available energy for grapes drying. In this research work the dryer has been developed according to design for 10 Kg. of grapes to manufacture the raisins. All the necessary calculations has been done along with all the study related climatic conditions.