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Title: Wormhole Attack Prevention For Adhoc Network


Wormhole Attack Prevention For Adhoc Network
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Baltej Kaur Saluja, Prof A.K.Gupta
Ad-hoc networks are also called as mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs). Mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs) are collection of wireless mobile computers (or nodes) having no Pre existing infrastructure or centralized management and which are connected by wireless links automatically . As in MANETs the nodes can communicate with their neighboring nodes also without the use of a central server, therefore when some node is affected or not working properly, it is hard to find that infected node as it has volatile network topology. The Ad hoc networks are vulnerable to security attacks, among them Wormhole Attack is big menace to the mobile ad hoc network In this paper we specifically considering Wormhole attack which does not require exploiting any nodes in the network and can interfere with the route establishment process by capturing packet from one point in the network, and tunnels the recorded packets to another point which is a malicious node and later on packets in the network can be transmitted again locally .In wireless ad hoc networks, it is difficult to trace out wormhole attacks because malicious nodes behaves as legitimate nodes. Many of the scheme have been already proposed for wormhole attack like location and time depended end to end solutions. As these solutions require exact location or the time synchronization. In this paper we propose a scheme based on diffusion of innovation ,a social science theory for the wormhole attack detection and prevention. In which there are different roles played by nodes. Based on the roles weight will be assigned to nodes in the in different phase of algorithm , that will be updated in routing table. from then onwards path selection will entirely depended on weight and roles assigned, and this entire process in details will be explained later.