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Swapnil Desai and Praful Chougale
As the pace of change in the 21st century continues to increase, the world is becoming more interconnected and complex, and the knowledge economy is craving more intellectual property. In this environment, it is critical that we shift our focus from education to life-long learning. Fortunately, the increasing availability of learning resources on the internet is coinciding with the growing importance of continuous learning. If we are willing to view learning from a new perspective, we are no longer resource constrained. Traditional E-Learning systems developed for laptop and desktop computers were based on stand-alone software application or through websites and lack the ability to provide a comprehensive ubiquitous learning environment. The ability to provide a comprehensive ubiquitous learning environment on mobile device will offer Opportunities to enhance learning by exploring the edge are presenting themselves as well. It is at the edge that most innovation occurs and where we can discern patterns that indicate new kinds of opportunities and challenges. In this context, the research work is to develop an interactive mobile learning application based on Web Services in Android base mobile devices to facilitate the ubiquitous learning. This paper deals with the prototype development of Web Service and application for android mobile phones.