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Title: Delay Analysis of Parallel-Prefix Adders


Delay Analysis of Parallel-Prefix Adders
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Geeta Rani, Asst. Prof. Sachin Kumar
Parallel-Prefix adders or Carry tree adders are the kind of adders that uses prefix operation in order to do efficient addition. Nowadays Parallel-Prefix adders are the frequently used adders due to the high speed computation properties. So called carry tree adder uses the prefix operation to do the arithmetic addition with way greater speed than the simple parallel adders that is ripple carry adder, carry skip adder, carry select adder etc. Here in this paper we will discuss about the various parallel-prefix adders and analyses there delay with respect to one another so that the fastest adder can be found and also the specific adder for a specific operation can be found. Therefore we will discuss the parallel-prefix adders and compare them in order to find the righteous one.