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Title: Extraction Of Data From XMI File Using Heuristic Approach


Extraction Of Data From XMI File Using Heuristic Approach
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Sandeep Sharma, Sashi Tarun
This research paper includes the study of carious .xmi files and to parse the taken XMI sample files using java programming language since it is difficult to read the .xmi files directly due to so many unwanted metatags after applying certain methods like heuristic approach and various algorithms like Aho Corasick string matching algorithm we can easily remove those unwanted tags the Aho Corasick string matching algorithm is a string searching algorithm.It is a kind of dictionary-matching algorithm that locates elements of a finite set of strings within an input text. It matches all patterns simultaneously. The complexity of the algorithm is linear in the length of the patterns plus the length of the searched text plus the number of output matches.In our work we also make ignore list to store the unwanted frequently occurring meta tags.after the XMI sample got parced .ini file will be generated. The .INI files are plain-text files that contain configuration information. These files are used by Windows and Windows-based applications to save information about your preferences and operating environment. "INI" stands for initialization.Again applying the parcing on the generated INI file and then store the data into the database using MYSQL.Hence we can store the required data into the database.