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Title: Impact & Analysis of FDE on nanoscopic TEM images


Impact & Analysis of FDE on nanoscopic TEM images
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Garima Goyal
TEM images are rapidly gaining prominence in various sectors like life sciences, pathology, medical science, semiconductors, forensics, etc. Hence, there is a critical need to know the effect of existing image restoration and enhancement techniques available for TEM images. FHE Filter is simulated on TEM images to understand their effect on the same and consequently, the results are compared with the outcome of similar simulations done on TEM images. The comparison is mainly done on four parameters: Mean of the image, Mean square error, Signal to noise ratio, Peak Signal to Noise ratio. The simulation is carried on greyscale and colored images separately. To do so different types of noise (Gaussian Noise, Salt & Pepper Noise, Salt & Pepper Noise & Poisson Noise) varying from 1% to 9% is incorporated into image. Each degraded image is denoised by filters.After simulation it is observed that the SNR and PSNR ratios obtained for TEM image is much higher than those obtained for TEM image.