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Title: Implementation of Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing and Secure Searchable Data Cloud Storage


Implementation of Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing and Secure Searchable Data Cloud Storage
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First A. MsVaishali Patil , Second B. Prof. ArchanaLomte
Cloud computing is speculated as the next generation architecture of IT enterprises, providing efficient remote access to massively scalable data storage and application services. While this outsourced storage and computing technique can potentially bring great economical savings for data owners and users, its benefits may not be fully realized due to wide concerns of data owners that their private data may be spontaneously exposed or handled by cloud providers. Although end-to-end encryption techniques have been proposed as secure solution for secure cloud data storage, a primary challenge toward building a full-fledged cloud data service remains how to effectively support flexible data utilization services such as search over the data in a privacy-preserving manner. In this paper, we identify the system requirements and challenges toward achieving privacy-assured searchable outsourced cloud data services, usable design and practically efficient search schemes for encrypted cloud storage. We are presenting a general methodology for these using searchable encryption techniques, which allows encrypted data to be searched by users without leaking information about the data itself and user’s request. Enabling public audit ability for cloud storage is of critical importance so that users can use up to a third party auditor (TPA) to check the integrity of outsourced data and can be worry free. To efficiently introduce an effective TPA, the auditing process should bring in no new vulnerabilities towards user data privacy, and help to avoid additional online burden to user. We propose a secure and efficient cloud storage system supporting privacy-preserving public auditing. We will further extend our result to enable the TPA to perform audits for multiple users simultaneously and efficiently.