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Title: feasibility analysis with the help of fuzzy theory in software engineering


feasibility analysis with the help of fuzzy theory in software engineering
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vishal chandra
In Fuzzy theory if often used in that type of problem in which the solution can’t be determined in between rigid boundary of either yes or no or negative or positive. This thesis consist of membership function and linguistic variables there may be a number of graph which shows membership function they also denote criteria and with the help we can calculate our desire result. There are several processes to making or developing as computer software. These processes are often called (SDLC) System Development Life Cycle. There are many working and well-known SDLC models are waterfall model, iterative waterfall model spiral model prototype model etc. They have their own pros and cons. These SDLC models have many phases or stages. We always just reply yes or no for any question. But when I ask how much beautiful you are, then it is difficult to justify among them. Then fuzzy comes. Fuzzy gives flexibility in solution and problem. There are infinite values between o and 1 or true and false yes or no. In SDLC the first stages is feasibility analysis. With the application of fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic. In my thesis I try to solve some rigid problem which occurs during software development. The above stages of SDLC are rigid property. By the help of linguistic variables I try to solve those problem which are rigid means cost, time period etc.. Throughout in this thesis I used fuzzy methodology to remove rigid behavior of factor affecting feasibility analysis or study. In all many cases feasibility study is rigid state the answer will be yes it is feasible or not. Then what my thesis do? It gives opportunity to manage different component of feasibility and there effect on it. All above are the parts of software engineering