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Volume & Issue no: Volume 8, Issue 2, February 2019


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ABSTRACT Smart chair for body posture monitoring is proposed for assessing the body posture of a person sitting on a chair. There is a need for assessing the unpredictable working posture found in services sector and other industries leading to the development of body posture analysis. Monitoring of body posture is done in two parts with each phase being implemented as a separate node. Node 1 identifies the presence of a person on the chair, monitors the lower back position and movement of fingers and eyes. Node 2 monitors the heart beat and weight of the person sitting on the chair, leading to up and down movement of the smart chair. On detection of the presence of a man on the smart chair, a relay between node 1 and node 2 is energized, to provide the power supply to node 2. Zigbee standard is used for communication between the two nodes. Various sensors like infrared sensor, ultrasonic sensor, pressure sensor, accelerometer, pulse sensor are incorporated for monitoring the body postures and voice messages are generated to notify wrong body postures. Further, the smart chair monitors, on demand, the blood pressure of the person. Keywords: Smart chair, body posture, auto height adjust, blood pressure monitoring.
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UPANYA M, B.P. HARISH , " SMART CHAIR FOR BODY POSTURE MONITORING" , International Journal of Application or Innovation in Engineering & Management (IJAIEM) , Volume 8, Issue 2, February 2019 , pp. 001-006 , ISSN 2319 - 4847.
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