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Volume & Issue no: Volume 6, Issue 7, July 2017


Relay Assisted Hybrid Free Space Optical Systems : a Survey
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V.K.Tonk , P.K.Yadav
ABSTRACT The Free Space Optical communication is an ideal solution for exponentially growing demands of high bandwidth and high data rates for modern era communication. In present scenario, its popularity getting momentum because of large bandwidth, license free spectrum, high data rate, absence of radiation hazards, easy and quick installation, immunity to interference and less power requirements. Consequently, it is coming up as an effective option for terrestrial broadband wireless access over short distances. But its performance is limited by some adverse effects of atmospheric channels as well. In present paper we have discussed the relay assisted hybrid free optical systems. The first part consists of introduction to FSO systems along with its applications and limitations. A comprehensive survey on relay-assisted hybrid FSO systems is discussed in second and third part respectively. Fourth part is centralised on the future scope of FSO communication while the fifth part is the concluding one. Indexing terms/keyword:- FSO, Optical wireless communications (OWC), Radio Frequency (RF), Relay Assisted (Cooperative) Transmission, Hybrid, FSOI
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V.K.Tonk , P.K.Yadav , " Relay Assisted Hybrid Free Space Optical Systems : a Survey" , International Journal of Application or Innovation in Engineering & Management (IJAIEM) , Volume 6, Issue 7, July 2017 , pp. 209-217 , ISSN 2319 - 4847.
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