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Volume & Issue no: Volume 5, Issue 1, January 2016


The Study of Prevention of the Dangers of the Torrents and Draining Rainwater of Uqdah in Hail Region, Saudi Arabia
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Prof. Mahmoud.I.Attia Elshewey
ABSTRACT Fell on the city of Hail, heavy rain caused a huge loss of money, property and lives and claimed the lives of many families have not been counted and in the absence of a discharge of torrents and projects to ward off dangers. Also because it was not taken into account during the adoption of residential schemes over the past thirty years adult home valleys that penetrate the city of Hail path. The foregoing was necessary to study the work of warding off the dangers of flooding and the discharge of flood water, specifically interested in this research study ward off the dangers of flooding and storm water for the Uqdah in Hail region, Saudi Arabia. This is because the torrent of Uqdah valley of the dangers of flooding in the city of Hail. It is known that Uqdah watershed out of the Uqdah and enters the land custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to the people of Hail grant, but where to go after that, no one knows that it has nothing to clear the course in case of heavy rains(this is expected at any moment) . This research includes estimation of the rainwater quantities that falls on a Uqdah area and the expected behavior for rain water in the case of the design storm. To calculate the amount of flood water (Run off), it was to determine the correct value of the coefficient of flood water surplus (Runoff Coefficient) and so in a way practical and theoretical. As well as been identified rainfall concentration time (Tc) by preparing IDF curves are prepared for times of iterative (5,10,20,25,100)years. As well as the run off (torrents)have been identified quantities of water on a Uqdah area using two different methods. The rain distribution and account alheitogerav representative account for the intensity of the rain storm design and hedrogerav unit of the actions of the storm design hedrogerav dispose of total output at the assembly point. Accordingly, the incoming discharge or run off(torrent) from the storm design estimated and size of storage lakes existing and proposed. Also the size behaviors from the storm design and size of storage in case of availability of storage space about 500 thousand m3. It was also to determine the value of overseas disposition of the lakes in the direction of Uqdah and the direction of King Khalid Road in case of availability of storage space about 500 thousand m3 . Then, storage capacity have been identified that are stored in the existing lakes and Lake Uqdah (Aja lake) and the roposed Lakes. As well as the open channel designed to carry the water from the area Uqdah and then pour the water in the underground reinforced concrete box culvert and cutting the City-Hail road and pass below it, to collect and storage of flood water (torrents) to the proposed lakes, so as to be used in agriculture and drinking purposes and so in addition to that is the protection of a Uqdah area of torrents risk to life and property.
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Prof. Mahmoud.I.Attia Elshewey , " The Study of Prevention of the Dangers of the Torrents and Draining Rainwater of Uqdah in Hail Region, Saudi Arabia" , International Journal of Application or Innovation in Engineering & Management (IJAIEM) , Volume 5, Issue 1, January 2016 , pp. 062-075 , ISSN 2319 - 4847.
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