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Volume & Issue no: Volume 4, Issue 10, October 2015


Geographical Information System For Farm Entrepreneur
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Sandeep Singh , Navneet Bawa
ABSTRACT In India, agriculture base is very strong. Creation of an information system is essential for the development and enhancement of agriculture field. If a system can provide right information at right time , it will be helpful to enhance the agriculture field. Now a day the most of the users (farmers) are literate, they can plan the strategies and take a decision for the current and next season with the help of information system. This paper presents the geographical information system, which is build by analyzing the mechanism and features of component GIS for farm Entrepreneur. This system has the ability of analysis, forecast, NPK values in soil, annual rain fall, sowing and harvesting period of different crops in Punjab (India) and aided decision-making, so attain the aim of guiding more agriculture yield. This system is very useful in managing the agriculture farm information, providing service for the management of farm resources; moreover it is useful in making scientific analysis, production decisions and evaluation on farming.
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Sandeep Singh , Navneet Bawa , " Geographical Information System For Farm Entrepreneur" , International Journal of Application or Innovation in Engineering & Management (IJAIEM) , Volume 4, Issue 10, October 2015 , pp. 047-054 , ISSN 2319 - 4847.
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