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Document details - Performance Evaluation of Biofuel-Powered Compression Ignition Engine

Journal Volume 11, Issue 7, July 2022, Article 17563445 Muthuraman.S, Sivaraj.M, Rajkumar.S, Kumar.A , " Performance Evaluation of Biofuel-Powered Compression Ignition Engine" , International Journal of Application or Innovation in Engineering & Management (IJAIEM) , Volume 11, Issue 7, July 2022 , pp. 007-013 , ISSN 2319 - 4847.

Performance Evaluation of Biofuel-Powered Compression Ignition Engine

    Muthuraman.S, Sivaraj.M, Rajkumar.S, Kumar.A


ABSTRACT A compression-ignition (CI) diesel engine can reduce dangerous elements in its exhaust gas in three places: before, during, and after the CI engine. The standard procedure entails the presentation of reactant depletion frameworks, valve timing, fuel blend readiness and burning displaying, as well as the use of energizes the synthetic synthesis of which provides the potential for decreasing. Despite the fact that the final option might seem to be the easiest, it isnt the one that would be given the most consideration. It is necessary to advance certain internal burning engine frameworks because different fuels have different features. If not, its possible that the desired effect of reducing dangerous substance discharges wont occur, or that it will occur in the opposite. Keywords: efficiency, exhaust emission, injection, advance angle, bio based diesel fuel EN14214.

  • ISSN: 23194847
  • Source Type: Journal
  • Original language: English

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