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About the IJAIEM


International Journal of Application or Innovation in Engineering & Management (IJAIEM) is an online open access journal in English published monthly for scientists, Engineers and Research Scholars involved in Engineering, Management and its applications to publish high quality and refereed papers. Papers reporting original research and innovative applications from all parts of the world are welcome. Papers for publication in the IJAIEM are selected through rigid peer review to ensure originality, timeliness, relevance and readability. The aim of IJAIEM is to publish peer reviewed research and review articles in rapidly developing field of engineering and management. This journal is an online journal having full access to the research and review paper. The journal also seeks clearly written survey and review articles from experts in the field, to promote intuitive understanding of the state-of-the-art and application trends. The journal aims to cover the latest outstanding developments in the field of engineering and management.

International Journal of Application or Innovation in Engineering & Management (IJAIEM)

ISSN 2319 - 4847
Frequency : 12 Issues/Year



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NOTE: Authors note that paper cannot be withdrawn at any condition once it is accepted. The Team of IJAIEM advise you, do not submit same article to the multiple journals simultaneously. This may create a problem for you. Please wait for review report which will take maximum 01 to 02 week.